Something about me:


My name is Rutger Keuzenkamp and I’m a student Industrial Product Design. I follow this study at the Hague University and I live in Zoetermeer. In my spare time I like to play field hockey, go see a movie or just do a project on my own.

After passing my exams I wanted to do a study where I could express my creativity and bring this to reality. I quickly came to the decision to study Industrial Product Design.


At a young age I was already interested in creating things, making drawings and just making stuff with the tools of my father. Drawing and crafts are still one of my hobbies. They come in handy with my study, it is not strange that you often could find me in the workshop at school.


I chose to become a designer because I like to use my creativity to invent and design new ideas and turn them in to reality. The human / product interaction is what I find particularly interesting to think about, to see what the consumer would like in their product and what they would find useful.

About LOCOdesigned:

I chose to make this portfolio website although I have none experience in programming. LOCOdesigned is just the collective name for all the projects I did so far and that I would like to share with others. Everything on this site is made and designed by me. Mostly alone and sometimes in a group.

About the study:

During the study Industrial Product Design you are trained to be a designer of industrial and consumer products with an understanding of technique and sense of design. You not only learn how to make a product, but also to take into account the usability of the product. You have to create your own design and build models. By doing this you experience the problems in that process. You will learn things about materials and production techniques. You also learn how to keep a product as cheaply as possible while maintaining a good result in the market.