Design an airline service out of PLA plastic.


For the minor sustainable product design we went on an excursion to Purac. Purac is a company that is specialised in PLA. PLA is a plastic that is environmental friendly and sustainable. When you dispose it in a compost heap it will be broken down into water and CO2. Because the ground resource of PLA is a sugar plant the CO2 will be absorbed again instead of ending in the ozone layer.

Purac wants us to design an airline service out of PLA. Before I started to design I first made a collage that content all sort of things about airplanes, airlines and nature because, I wanted all of my designs to be inspired by aircrafts and all things surrounding it.

I took inspiration from different parts of an airplane and took the interesting shapes out of it combined with nature and applied it in the different parts of the service.

– The cup is based on the clouds and the form of the engine of the plane.
– The plate is based on the bullet shape of the engine where the propeller is
– The cutlery is based on the organic shapes of the airplane and the end side
  of the wing which has a upstanding part of the wing.
– The bowl is inspired on the window of the plane. I choose the window
  because people always look out it and see the bright beautiful skyline with
  clouds in it. This was a fun combination to design a part of.
– The tray is based on the bottom of the wing and the ribs that are in the wing.
  I also found a picture of Washington airport, a beautiful building that is also
  based on airplanes.

After the presentation I received positive responses from teachers and fellow students.