Design a bus stop for cradle to cradle park 20|20. Design the bus stop in a cradle to cradle way that it is recyclable and easy displaceable.


For the minor sustainable product design we went on an excursion to park 20|20. Park 20|20 is a full service business park, based on the theory of cradle to cradle. Park 20|20 wants us to design a bus stop according to the theory of cradle to cradle.

While brainstorming and studying some connection possibilities and cradle to cradle materials I made some fast drawings to see what kind of shapes and combination were possible. It didn’t took long till I had two nice ideas which I designed further in SolidWorks.

Because both concepts are made out of glass and wood it blends into the surroundings so it won’t disturb your view. This combination gives the bus stops a modern look and is in total designed according to the theory of cradle to cradle. Both concepts are based on the same easy and fast assembly method.

The glass goes through a slit in the wood. In the wood and the glass are holes where the pins are going through to hold the glass in place. With this method you can easy build up a bus stop but also disassemble the bus stop so it’s easy to move while needed.