Make a mechanical calculator. The calculator has to be completely mechanical and use of technical components is forbidden.


The main goal was to get an easy calculation out of a mechanical calculator. A nice design wasn’t needed this time.

The calculator works with an easy principle. Five gears moves three discs. The first disc and the third disc moves both at the same time when you turn the axis and the gear on the axis is on the left side. when you push this gear to the right you can turn the axis and move the second and third disc. Now you can read the answer on the third disc. In this way you can make easy plus and minus sums.

For example, you move this disc till you see four on the first disc. Then you push the axis to the right and turn the same way till you see a two on the second disc. When you now look on the third disc you see that a six appeared and your calculation is done.

To make the calculator I used Illustrator the draw the parts and inscriptions. Then I used a laser cutter to make the parts and to engrave the inscriptions.