Design in a group of three students a new control penal and interface for the agricultural sector. The control panel has to be user friendly and suitable for working in a rough environment.


The company Protonic is looking for new and good ideas for a control panel for the agricultural sector. This panel will give the farmer / grower remote control of his machines, greenhouse, his employees and give him information about the weather and company statistics.

After hours of brainstorming and designing concepts we combined all good ideas to one final concept. This resulted in a standard but elegant book like design for our control panel. We started positioning the elements like the usb-port, the power button, the emergency button and the battery shell button on the positions that they would fit the function best.

The result was among the very best of all. We created a stylish, ergonomic and user-friendly control panel and interface. The rechargeable batteries were a big advantage. We also used a infrared touch screen instead of the resistive one. The infrared screen gives a better view angle on sunny days and comes with the functionality of a capacitive screen but also reacts to glove-touches.

In cooperation with:
– Arend van der snoek
– Floris Hoff