Choose a product to be soldered. You can choose a Velleman package or look for an own project.


For a technical school assignment we had to solder something to learn the basics of this technique. We chose to do a project by ourselves because Velleman packages are too easy and we liked to do something that is more an exciting challenge to complete.

Me and a fellow student looked over the internet for something cool to solder and found this cube made out of LED lights.  We looked for the circuit diagrams on this site and started to make a parts list. It turned out to be a little bit expensive but we found a company that would love to sponsor us if they could have the result in the end for in their  window display.

After a month of hard work, soldering and reading circuit diagrams we managed to get a working cube and PCB. The only thing what was left to do is to make it look fit for presentation . There for we made a case out of PET and painted it black. Because we masked two strips we managed to give it a cool look. When a couple of LED’s are shining behind it the strips turn blue and gives the case a more interesting and awesome look.

The reactions at the presentation were superb and everyone was amazed by the result. The funny thing was that most people said we were crazy and they thought we would never succeed this project and we proved them wrong.

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– Floris Hoff