For the minor sustainable product design we had to investigate what can be done to improve/change the way furniture is used and discarded in many large companies. The result of the furniture-project could for example be a redesign, a re-use plan, or a recycle business case. We paired up in a group of five very motivated students and chose to make a redesign for the current office chairs used in offices.


We first started to investigate the problem with all different types of office furniture. It didn’t took very long before we choose to redesign an office chair in a sustainable way. It would be a very big challenge to accomplish this in the short eight weeks we had.

We came up with a new balancing system that would replace the current springs and other mechanisms in the chair which are very hard to recycle or to reuse. Because of the usage of only two materials that are cradle to cradle certified we were able to design the most easily recyclable office chair on the market.

In contrast to the many questions from the teacher to the other groups, the only question they asked us was: “Can we show your presentation video on the open day of The Hague University?”. We were then also reviewed as best of all groups.

To make this project even more fantastic we heard that the STAMP Fuse is nominated for the 2013 DOT award of the Hague University which will be announced at the 27th of March.

In cooperation with:
– Bas Magermans
– Bart van As
– Arend van der Snoek
– Floris Hoff

DOT Award: