Redesign the thermo soother from Philips Avent. The soother has to be cheaper than the current one.


The company Philips has a problem with selling their thermo soother. The main reason for this is that the current soother is by far the most expensive one on the market. For us the main goal to decrease the price of this product and design one that is more attractive to buy. At the end of the project a representative of Philips came by to discuss the result.

When I started to redesign there was one thing I wanted to achieve and that was to create a whole new concept of measuring the temperature of the baby. Because the soother displayed the temperature wrong it wasn’t a reliable product to read the temperature from. That’s why I designed a soother that, instead of a display, uses LED lights to interact with the user. In this case the parents don’t assume that the measurements are correct but get an indication of the temperature in green orange or red. So when an orange or red light turns on they know that the temperature of their baby is not normal and then they can use a rectal thermometer. In this way they don’t have to bother their child directly with a rectal thermometer but first use the indication soother.

The soother and the rectal thermometer were presented in a, form follows function, package. The package is a small tube with a bigger round chamber on top of it. I choose for this design because the shape fits easy inside a baby bag or handbag so you can take the whole kit with you where ever you go.

The representative of Philips gave me a big compliment for the out of the box idea and thinking further than most other students. I was very pleased with this result.