Design a furniture related product out of cork for the company Cubicco.


For the minor sustainable product design we had a guest lecture of a company named Cubicco. Cubicco creates cubes from cork that can be used as stackable offices or even homes. As a small assignment we had to design a furniture related product out of cork. As a reward Cubbico places the best design in their assortment for sales.

Cork is mostly used as a wine stopper in bottles because it is water proof and flexible. We wanted to design something that is close related to this so we came up with the plan to design a wine holder. It would fit the function perfectly because cork is a commonly used material in the wine industry and the wine holder could also perfectly be used as a wine cooler because of the very good isolation and water tightness.

Because we wanted our design to be related to wine we inspired our design on the wine cork but we gave it a chamfer in such a way that the label of the bottle is still readable. Cubbico was pleased with the result and releases the outcome of the contest on January 2013.

In cooperation with:
– Bas Magermans
– Bart van As
– Arend van der Snoek
– Floris Hoff