Design and make a toy out of wood. This toy must contain a mechanical transmission and has to be suitable for children of the age of two to four years old.


First I investigated a couple of toy stores what kids of this age like and how they develop in their play behaviour.

I bought some mechanical toys as an inspiration for my toy and started drawing for ideas. As a result of my brainstorms I came up with a funny wooden elephant with a mechanism that moves his legs and head. When you push the toy a wheel in the middle turns and drives the mechanism that let this parts move.

With my technical drawings I went to the workshop and started working on a working model out of foam. It worked so well that I directly bought some beautiful whitewood and started to make my presentation model. The result was judged as the best of all and I won an excursion to Rolf a manufacturer of wooden toys to take part in a brainstorm for new toy concepts.